Our work methods are based on models that support and foster optimization, creating added value for our clients.

The Kaizen model advocates continuous improvement, the “streamlining” of processes until only useful and necessary elements remain. This system provides equally well for the information needs of management, project managers, workshop managers, and craftspeople.

The Kanban model addresses (visual) inventory management of workshop supplies. Application of this model means that anyone can determine inventory levels at a glance, eliminating the possibility of shortages.

LINX, an electronic calculation module that can handle the large number of production inputs, ensures that our project cost estimates are as accurate as possible.

Each workstation in the workshop uses the 5 S system: sort, what you need from what you don’t; shine, a matter of cleanliness, efficiency and safety; set in place, for organized storage; standardize controls and methods; and sustain, to foster progress and discipline. 

If you would like to learn more about value-added production (VAP), please to our VAP representative.


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